Challengers for Dreams!

Comprehensive Signature

Even today, we are doing our best to play a leading role in the transforming society
The new CI of WILLBES symbolically designed a future-oriented global company that challenges endless changes with the mind of the company and customers as one.
By expressing semi-circular objects based on people in a single sense using a flexible curved line, we implicitly expressed the corporate ideology of doing our best to serve customers by communicating with customers.
In addition, the objects in the form of holding hands symbolize the corporate ideology of respect for humanity and happiness for humanity, and the progressive spirit of constantly striving and challenging for the future with humanity and business.
Blue tone color indicates that the company is based on the trust of customers and companies.
Using a simple Gothic typeface, it expressed the company`s willingness to do its best by approaching customers first
Signature is divided into Hangeul, English and mixed types and is used to recognize the existence and image of companies as a combination for easy use in various media.
Since the signature of the symbol mark plays a very important role in the image of the company, the proportion or interval cannot be arbitrarily changed, and the use of this is to use the manuscript for printing of the material in this manual by way of photo printing.
If a special case occurs depending on the characteristics of the media and the scope of application, it shall be used after contacting the management department.
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